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Some Current Cases Our Firm Is Investigating

NFL Opposes Extension For Institutionalized Class Members

Bigger Claim Window Sought For Institutionalized NFLers

Retired Players File Lawsuit Against NFL Over Recognizing Living CTE

Widow of Kenny Stabler joins concussion lawsuit

Howard Justice filed Racketeering and Living CTE Action Against NFL for All Former and Current NFL Players

NFL Players May be Eligible for up to $5 Million in Compensation

9,000 UN Caused Cholera Deaths in Haiti

Lumber Liquidators Laminate Flooring Fraud

NFL Players Concussion Recovery

NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement

Howard Justice fights against exploitation of athletes and fights for empowering men!

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Known world-wide

We are known for our dedication to victims of the most
catastrophic tragedies, Howard & Associates are a team of attorneys who fear no opponent and who will take cases that many other attorneys would turn down.

We have the resources, the experience and the dedication to handle even the most complex litigation. Our attorneys back down to no one.

We will stand up for justice on behalf of victims against even the largest corporations, government entities and others who may have caused injury or death.


We live to achieve justice for our clients

Howard & Associates fights for maximum compensation and justice on behalf of victims. We call on specialized engineers, medical experts, forensic accountants and other specialists to conduct thorough investigations so we can hold accountable those responsible for causing pain and suffering.

If you have been involved in a minor car accident or suffered a dog bite, there are many excellent personal injury law firms throughout Florida. We may be able to recommend some. However, if you have been involved in a massive catastrophe or have been victimized by a major corporation, we will be your advocates and your guides through the legal system. Howard & Associates will diligently fight for you as we also fight to improve public safety for everyone.

Some of the types of cases we handle:

  • Class action lawsuits
  • Lawsuits involving the US government and foreign governments
  • Legal actions against tobacco companies, vehicle manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and any corporation that puts the public at risk
  • Personal injury litigation involving catastrophic injury or wrongful death
  • Litigation involving economic injustice, healthcare, education and other public policy
  • From Corey Fuller to Tamarick Vanover, from Wally Williams to Mike Gaines, Howard Justice fights against exploitation of athletes and fights for empowering men!

Justice and Compensation for Victims, Public Safety for All

Howard & Associates has decades of experience fighting for justice on behalf of people who may not have the loudest voices or the deepest pockets. Our clients are ordinary people with families and careers who find their lives completely disrupted by corporate greed, bad government policy or inadequate oversight. Often, large corporations and government entities have armies of lawyers on their side to deny wrongdoing. Howard & Associates will aggressively fight to hold them accountable.

Whether the defendant is Big Tobacco, Big Oil and British Petroleum, Big Finance and Goldman Sachs, Coca Cola, Walmart, Disney, or the United Nations, we have the skill, the resources and the experience to expose deception, dangerous behavior and policies to advance justice and human rights.

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