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Consumer Protection Center

Attorneys for Victims of Fraud, Injury and Injustice

Have you been injured by a corporation? Did they put profit over safety? Have you been the victim of fraud, false advertising or other misleading information perpetuated by a corporation or manufacturer? Howard & Associates is a law firm and consumer protection center for the entire nation and beyond. Though we are based in Florida, we represent consumers from across the United States and across the globe.  Our attorneys are advocates for victims of corporate greed, dishonesty and misrepresentation. Some of the companies we have sued on behalf of injured consumers include:

  • British Petroleum
  • GNC
  • Lorillard Tobacco
  • Bard, Johnson & Johnson and other medical device manufacturers
  • Toyota

We are prepared to stand up to any corporation or organization on your behalf and demand justice. And our attorneys have more than good intentions; we have a record of success and have recovered billions of dollars on behalf of consumers who have been wronged.

Fighting for Justice Against the Largest Companies in the World

Too often, individual consumers are victimized by large companies whose only priority is profit. Many of these companies believe that they are above the law. Even when people are harmed or treated unfairly by corporate behavior, these companies continue to behave inexcusably. Howard & Associates fights back. We hold such companies accountable for their irresponsible and illegal behavior.

If you are a consumer who has been lied to, manipulated or physically injured, you may feel alone. You may feel that the corporate power is too overwhelming. An insurance company, corporate lawyers and others may encourage you to take a low-ball settlement or insist you deserve nothing for your injuries. Do not believe them. Call a consumer advocacy law firm and discuss your situation with attorneys who have your best interests in mind. The law is on your side. So is Howard & Associates.

Consumers who have been mistreated or injured often believe they have no recourse to demand justice and compensation. Large companies often want consumers to give up in the fight for justice. Unfortunately, many injured consumers do give up. There are alternatives. Many injured people find when they do stand up for themselves that there are many other people who have suffered similar injuries. If you have been injured, stand up for yourself with the help of experienced attorneys. You may be instrumental in making the public safer and ensuring more people are treated fairly.

Attorney, Public Policy Professor and former Florida Assistant Attorney General Tim Howard founded Howard & Associates as a consumer protection law firm that would fight for compensation on behalf of consumers. Call now or contact us online to see how Howard & Associates can help you.