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Practice Areas

Class Actions, Product Liability, Widespread Tragedy and Other Complex Litigation

Individuals involved in car accidents certainly deserve justice and compensation when another driver makes an illegal turn in front of them. A person who slips and falls at the grocery store also deserves compensation. There are many personal injury attorneys throughout Florida handling such cases. We are proud to call many of them our colleagues. However, at Howard & Associates, our practice areas are more complex than most other injury law firms in Florida. Instead of only representing individuals who have been injured, we identify corporate greed or misconduct that has harmed dozens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of people.

There is no case too large or too complex for Howard & Associates. If you have been injured, physically and financially, we are on your side:

  • Automotive product liability
  • British Petroleum liability regarding the massive BP oil spill
  • Tobacco industry liability
  • Unsafe consumer products including popular sodas and beverages

Over the last several years, under the guidance of founder and Attorney Tim Howard, Howard & Associates has helped clients recover billions of dollars in damages throughout the United States.

Medical Devices, Tobacco, Consumer Product Liability

Regardless of the injury-related legal challenge you face, we may be able to help. When you contact our office, we will carefully analyze the details of your situation and use our extensive experience to determine if your case has merit.  Call us with your legal questions regarding any type of injury litigation including the following:

  • Automotive defects
  • Catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death
  • Civil rights violations
  • Construction defects including unsafe building materials
  • Environmental hazards including toxic waste liability
  • Medical devices causing injury, infection or illness
  • Unsafe consumer products including foods and beverages

The above represent only a small sample of the many types of cases for which we are prepared. Our legal practice is focused on the most complex cases and we often face the most formidable opponents. Large corporations have deep pockets, armies of lawyers and a commitment to protecting their image and their profits. Against such opponents, you need aggressive and knowledgeable allies who have a history of success. Call Howard & Associates or contact us online.