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Class Action

Healthcare Lawsuits, Dishonest Marketing, Widespread Illness and Injury Cases

If you have been injured, financially, physically or both, because a corporation put profit over safety, Howard & Associates may be able to obtain justice and compensation on your behalf.  If you have been injured due to corporate irresponsibility, there is a strong possibility that other people are suffering the same injuries.

A class action allows injury victims to unite with others who have similar injuries caused by the same Plaintiff. An individual or a group of individuals can file a class action on behalf of an entire “class.” A “class”  is a large group with similar claims. A class action lawsuit allows numerous claims of individuals to be combined into one legal action brought before a single judge. Howard & Associates has a long history of success working with clients from across the nation and throughout the world involved in class action lawsuits.

National and International Class Action

Our class action attorneys have won lawsuits against some of the world’s largest corporations including those from the tobacco industry, automotive industry and healthcare industries. We have recovered hundreds of billions of dollars for our clients. A sample of some of the cases we have settled or that we are currently involved with:

  • Suing the United Nations for its contribution to the cholera epidemic in Haiti
  • A lawsuit alleging Toyota did not take appropriate action to ensure public safety
  • Seeking a settlement involving manufacturers and marketers of OxyELITE Pro fat burning supplement for deceptive practices
  • A multi-billion dollar settlement with tobacco companies on behalf of injured consumers

These types of cases require attorneys who are fiercely committed to public safety and justice. They also require attorneys who have the resources and the experience to handle the complexities of class action lawsuits.

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We work with other law firms throughout the nation and the world to pursue compensation for clients who have been wronged by corporations or governments. We are currently lead counsel or co-counsel on several class action lawsuits. We are prepared to listen to the details of your legal issues and represent your best interests in some of the most complex injury litigation.